Kylie Luksic founded Sideline Support so that she and her team could help health and fitness professionals by giving them the time and space to work on their businesses, not in their businesses.

As your go-to Virtual Assistance business, Sideline Support marries Kylie’s 25-years’ experience as a high-level executive assistant and project manager extraordinaire with her keen passion for health and fitness.

Always an avid sportswoman, Kylie has participated in a range of team and individual sports over the years and currently attends two gyms while also volunteering at the Parramatta Little Athletics Centre for the past five years (where she’s held positions including: Age Manager, Coach, Registrar, Vice President, Website and Social Media Manager and Photographer). While she currently serves as Vice President at the Parramatta Little Athletics Centre, Kylie also volunteers as the Member Protection Officer at Eastwood St Andrew’s Football Club, a position she’s held for two years to date.

She’s also into athletics, soccer, hockey, running and triathlons – and was a keen dancer in her youth, participating in ballet, tap and jazz until her late teens.

Kylie is all about taking on those time-consuming, relentless, technology-driven tasks that health and fitness experts simply don’t have the time or energy to focus on, let alone master…


Give Kylie Luksic a call on 0419 729 398 today for a friendly chat, and see how she can take on the things you hate, to give you the time and energy for the things you love – after all, backing your business from behind the scenes is what Sideline Support does best…