Sideline Support is a Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager that specialises in helping clients in the dynamic and ever-growing online health and fitness space.

We help coaches regain control of their business, enjoy family time, and continue making a positive impact on the health and wellness of their clients and community. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to get all the things done?

Is there a feeling of resentment towards your business because you don't get to spend enough time with your family and friends?

Do you want to rediscover your love for your business and feel confident that all the moving parts are falling into place?

Hi, I'm Kylie

I help online health and fitness coaches build a thriving and sustainable business through support with all the back-end business processes and administration.

It’s my mission to help you grow your business without sacrificing time with your family and friends. I've seen too many online coaches on the brink of closing their business because running it becomes too much. I want to be there to stop that from happening to you! Nothing would give me more pleasure than to take all the tasks and processes that are wearing you down so you don't have to worry about them.

If you'd like me to back you from the sidelines, so you can be front and centre in your business, please get in touch.


You've found an experienced online business manager and virtual assistant who understands the health and fitness industry, your needs, budget and works well with deadlines. I can help with:

Documentation & Admin

Efficient support to maintain all your business administration and create documentation for all your programs, challenges and courses.

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Social Media

Collaborative support to manage your social media strategy, content and community management.

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All Things Tech

Tailored support to help with set up, maintenance and troubleshooting of all your pesky tech software.

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Sideline Support

“Kylie is amazing to work with and just takes the burden on running my massage and life coaching clinic. Very efficient, takes initiative and has a great eye for detail, so I can entrust her with the tasks that need to be done and know it gets done without worry. She is a great problem solver, tech-savvy and flexible and warm VA.
I highly recommend her.”

MarisSage Remedial Therapies

Sideline Support will help you with all the moving parts in your business, so you can get back to loving it again.